Toronto Summer Camp

Admission target: students aged 12-20

Deadline for registration: May 20, 2018 (Location is limited, advance in advance and close in advance)

Departure date: July 22, 2018 - August 3, 2018 (departing from Beijing)

Travel days: 14 days

Fees include: tuition during the tour, accommodation and meals; accident insurance, travel and entertainment activities in Canada, and transportation and transportation.
Fees do not include: visa fees and visa documents mailing costs; international and domestic air tickets, the members shall be responsible for their own time and place the international ticket fees.

Visa: Students' study visa can be handled collectively by the Chinese office or handled by an intermediary. 

*The itinerary will be adjusted due to the weather.



Art Group English debate group LEGO Robot Group
Multi-art thinking Skill training Lego build
Composition design Public speech Robot programming
Creativity Teamwork Robot show

Immersive English environment

Nature intimate contact

Visits to world famous universities

Experience Canadian cultural environment

Extensive outdoor activities

Enjoy 4 famous cities in Katong

Engaged in various types of volunteer activities

"The Travel That Can Change Your Child's Lifetime"

Visiting a prestigious Canadian school to lay the foundation for studying abroad.

North American School Application Tips

Develop independent leadership qualities

Experience the humanities and arts exquisite course

Learn original exotic culture

Improve English practical ability

Certificate of Completion


Registration Hotline

Contact name:Ocean


WeChat:zzjzzj1225 /18513230861

Email: 2028458974@QQ.COM