Ace Acumen High School’s Annual Christmas Party

Ace Acumen’s annual Christmas Party celebrates our students for their hard work and dedication during the fall semester. It is important that we provide our students the opportunity to experience this national holiday with their Canadian family, as many of them are away from home during this time of year.

Semester based awards are awarded to 5 outstanding students who have exceeded expectations this year. Congratulations to the winners of this year!

  1. 2019 Leadership Award: Maorong Sun
  2. 2019 Math Award: Senhao Zhang
  3. 2019 English Award: Keyu You
  4. 2019 Science Award: Fengyue Zhang
  5. 2019 Social Sciences Award: Renjie Wu

Cultural delicacies such as a hot pot station were provided as it was a great way for the students to feel a taste of their hometowns and traditions. We then engaged in an evening filled with games and bonding activities to celebrate the end of the semester before the Christmas Holidays!

Thank you to all of our students for their hard work, and we look forward to more years of happiness and prosperity together as an Ace Acumen family!