Ace Acumen High School Presents: Kahoot!

Ace Acumen High School recognizes the importance of keeping our student’s minds active, especially during this quarantine period. On April 16th, we conducted a virtual game online where all of our students were able to participate in the comfort of their own homes.

Using Adobe Connect, we were able to gather all of our students into a a common chatroom, where they were able to participate in a quiz that tested their knowledge on ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Some of the questions asked include:

  • True or False: Only people who show symptoms of COVID-19 could spread the virus to others.
  • How much distance should you keep from one another?
  • True or False: You could help save lives through social distancing.

We believe in the importance of sharing knowledge on ways to prevent the spread of this virus through activities and games to make sure our students are aware and stay safe.